Stop Giving It Away is a branch of Solutions At Work, LLC, a brand and company developed by Cherilynn M. Veland, MSW, LCSW, a seasoned social worker and therapist based in Chicago.

ThisWay.jpgStop Giving It Away offers books; workshops, presentations and speeches; and consulting for brands interested in the well-being and success of women.

THE BOOK: Stop Giving It Away is the product of 20-plus years of counseling, psychotherapy and social work. Stop Giving It Away aims to stop the unnecessary over-functioning and self-sacrifice that so many women embrace and embrace to their self-detriment. >> Purchase Stop Giving It Away at Amazon >> Purchase Stop Giving It Away at Barnes & Noble

WORKSHOPS, PRESENTATIONS AND SPEECHES: Workshops are tailored to the goals of your program and needs of your audience. Choose a single-day course or a 6-week program. Workshops consist of educational materials, group discussion, Q&As and practicing real-world strategies for confidence, communication and decision-making.

BRAND CONSULTING: Cherilynn welcomes sessions with creatives tasked with promoting brands in categories such as lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness, that want to help women live happier, healthier lives. Choose a half-day intensive or monthly idea and insight sharing.

For more information, contact Cherilynn Veland at 773.556.7431.