Isn’t this so adorable? Pier One

Gia made a comment on the blog I wrote about “Black Friday” a few weeks ago. She said that she read in a self help book that buying yourself something can be a part of self care. It absolutely is. When you can afford it, it is a way to practice good self esteem and make yourself happy.

Give Away Girls Sometimes Try To Do Without

Give Away Girls sometimes aren’t good at buying themselves things. Instead, they may use not having enough money as an excuse to self neglect. There are times when it is difficult to determine when to spend, but one way to know if you might be using the “not having enough money” excuse to deprive yourself is to ask yourself some of these questions: Have you ever felt fear about money? Do you ever worry that it won’t be there? Did you grow up with money being difficult or having to do without? Do you ever feel guilty or bad when you do spend money frivolously on yourself?

I believe that some spending on things that feel good or delight could be a very good way to nurture one’s self. Although I hope we can all agree that it shouldn’t be the only way. Here are some things I have bought for myself lately, just for the fun of it or because it felt good:

1.  Droplet Grapefruit Energizing Body Wash Smells so good. The grapefruit peps me up.  Crazy expensive but I will drag it out.

2.Buddha on elephant from Pier One This stupid thing makes me smile. It is impossible to be stressed while staring at it.

3.Spanx tights Got to suck it in for the holidays. Can’t beat Spanx.

Got it Girl Takeaway: If you can afford it, spending a little on yourself can be a treat. Make sure you are giving yourself your own gift this holiday. I recommend setting aside a little Christmas spending budget for just you. Make sure that after you tithe and buy for  others, there is something leftover for you Give Away Girl girl. You deserve it. And it does makes holiday shopping so much more fun.What fun things have you bought lately? Have you ever felt guilty or bad treating yourself?