Caring for yourself is important and challenging, especially in a world where women are encouraged to care for others first. Hold a mirror to yourself today and check in on your own self-care. Self-care isn’t just about manicures and looking cute, although that could be a part of your regimen.

These categories are separated out like pieces of a pie. Ask yourself these questions under each category for a healthy check-in:


  • Are you eating healthy foods 80-90% of the time? Are you exercising and drinking copious amounts of water? Taking a multi-vitamin? Seeing the doctor and dentist regularly? How’s your caffeine and alcohol intake?


  • Are you challenging yourself professionally? Or, at least working toward following your dreams of the perfect job? Even if you are on hiatus or working at a job you don’t like, it is possible to invent special projects or secretly work on the best resume in history while you wait. (We all have a profession, including stay-at-home moms and retirees. You are meant to use your natural gifts and intellect.)


  • What are you doing to indulge your creative side? Painting, drawing or decorating your house? Even arranging flowers on a beautiful day is a creative outlet. Your creative energy is inside you and bursting to get out. If you don’t indulge it, it can lead to anxiety, discomfort and negative energy. Read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, for inspiration.


  • Aesthetics is the appreciation of beauty. Do you allow yourself to indulge in beauty for the fun of it? This could mean making sure your house is decorated beautifully, or your outfit looks pretty. It could mean having your toenails painted a color that makes you smile. Going for a walk..Are you on Pinterest?
  • I once had a friend who complained about the dullness of her living room curtains for 3 years. She was not taking care of herself. I confronted her and we found some gorgeous purple silk curtains that were within her budget. It made her soo happy!


  • Have you connected with your Higher Power? I have heard wise persons say that 30 minutes a day to meditate or pray is a must for true serenity. They also say, if  you don’t have 30 minutes, you are doing too much. (As a mother, I question that 30 minute minimum wholeheartedly! However, maybe they are right…) 


  • Our sexuality is a gift and an essential part of our life. Are you taking steps to insure your safety consistently? Are you comfortable with your choices? Any unresolved “stuff” from past abuse or experiences that you need to process so that you can set them aside? Is it time to meet with a therapist?

Give Away Girl (GAG) Challenge

I challenge you to pick one of these categories and take a step each day to work on them. Start with little steps: Do a 5-minute meditation, or drink 6 glasses of water. Keep it simple and congratulate yourself at the end of the day. Take care!

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