Gotta’ take care of yourself, girlie. Otherwise, you will get run down and real B*4CHEY! You know what I mean.

self care

Here are some great self care products and ideas I have found:  

Who doesn’t feel pretty wrapping herself in a gorgeous scarf? These scarves are so soft they feel like a cuddle. And the colors are glorious. Super cool!

Go to the Brightly Twisted website. These people look fun!

I met my friend Meg for lunch and her lip color was so pretty. She whipped it out – lip gloss, lip moisturizer and tint all in one. Great color for the lips for spring and summer.

Like I always say, “You can never wear too much lipstick.” Not with these you can’t. Pick it up at the grocery store for goodness sakes.

Yes. My heels were looking really ragged and I found this at the CVS on clearance. It is a total miracle for my rough skin. Worked overnight and it is all natural. Hello flip flops.

Throw some other self care products you recommend into the comment section if you find any! 

Take care,