Looking to find your bliss?

Real Self Help: Help From Within

Just finished a book that a mentor of mine, Arlene Englander, LCSW,  wrote with her husband. The book is titled, The In-Sourcing Handbook: Where and How to Find the Happiness You Deserve.

How to find our bliss. I’ll take that.

Arlene has studied social work and has been a psychotherapist in downtown Chicago. In addition to traditional social work and psychotherapy training, she has done extensive work with Kundalini yoga. She uses some “non-traditional” approaches that have helped numerous clients over the years. (It is funny how ideas that have been around thousands of years get tagged as non-traditional …)

Stress Management

The book is full of short nuggets of wisdom and incredibly helpful tips on how to manage emotional health and overall well-being. The book is very well written and the chapters short, a must for the busy woman, right? In particular, I love the idea of The Love Yourself Bath: made of sea salt, hydrogen peroxide and chamomile tea. I am a bath girl, but I haven’t tried one yet. It sounds incredible.

“When we take our ego out of the equation, our inner and external selves merge, our capacity to appreciate life blossoms.”- Arlene Englander and Howard Englander

Ok, Arlene, I’ll give it a try.