Our bodies have energy, and our body gives wisdom, if we pay attention.

stressful day

When I first start energy talking to a client with my, “Our bodies have energy..” speech, I have seen clients start eyeing me with total disbelief. (“Wackadoo” … I am sure they start thinking, and I don’t blame them.)

Maybe they think I am going to start talking about psychic phenomenon, but I mean it much more simply than that.  I mean, when you are really, really pissed, you have energy, right? Or, when you are crying or upset. You feel that energy. When you are madly in love there’s energy, right? Sometimes, that in-love energy is so strong you can’t even sleep!

We can sense energy in others. For example, when someone comes into a room and they are really upset, you can usually tell.  It’s that energy they are sending out that you feel.

Getting more in touch with your body’s signals is one way to “read” your energy and listen to it. This can be helpful in decision making so you make more helpful decisions for yourself.  For example, if you get a weird feeling when someone asks you to go with them for a ride, listen to it.  Or, when someone asks you to do something you probably don’t want to do, your body will tighten up or get tense somewhere. Pay attention to it!

When I have tension about something I really want to say, but I am not saying it, my calves will ball up. It is ridiculous and painful. But, it is also a very big, helpful red flag for me that there is something important going on that I need to address.

Would you like to help yourself with reading your body signals? Start here:

  • Start paying attention and taking note of body sensations a couple of times a day. Do a check list and run through them.
  • When you are really upset or anxious about something, notice what feelings are being brought up in different body parts. Just notice.
  • If you notice a consistent connection, like a ball in your stomach, that occurs when you agree to something you don’t want to do, start checking with “it” first. If the ball is there, the answer is “No.” (I have a client named Gail who noticed this and it worked very well to help her make better life balance decisions. She wouldn’t even explain her reasons, she just trusted it.)

Photograph by Thee Erin via Flickr