Reeva Steenkamp

Sadly, I am not hopeful that Oscar Pistorius will be found guilty for his alleged crime of killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Instead, they will give him more of an “accidental” charge. After all, South Africa is reputed to be one of the worst in the world in violence against women. Even in this country it would be very hard to convict a celebrity for killing his wife. So, over there? NOT gonna’ happen.

I can already tell the judge is feeling sorry for him with all his wailing and crying. (People who murder their girlfriends do feel bad afterwards, especially when facing a life sentence.)

Why do I think he may have killed his girlfriend? 

  1. After his girlfriend was murdered, he didn’t call an ambulance, 911 or police, he called a friend or a “handler” to manage the situation.
  2. The story he told police has changed several times.
  3. Neighbors heard a woman screaming before the shots.
  4. She was shot four times through a toilet room door. (Sounds like a pissed BF to me)
  5. Her comforter was on the floor which contradicts his saying he thought she was in bed. Looks like a chick running quickly.
  6. She took her cell phone into the bathroom. I think she was scared.
  7. Four shots through a door? Any cop will tell you that is “overkill” which is a sign of a personal relationship.

If I were running from an angry guy, I would probably hide in the bathroom and lock the door too! She probably thought he would eventually calm down. No one expects to be murdered by someone they love. Denial is a defense mechanism that many people use when faced with the harsh realities of mysogyny.

I was just at the hair salon yesterday and my hairstylist told me one of her client’s teenage daughters had just had her jaw broken from her boyfriend. “It finally took her drinking from a straw to face facts and dump the guy.” At least she is alive.

I hope I am wrong and just being a pessimist about this trial. We shall see…

What do you think about the state of domestic violence in this country? What has been your experience with it?