Saw this at the grocery store.What a ____!

Poor Nicky. She is the girl that accepted Juan Pablo’s offer to date her without his agreeing to actually date her. Clearly, Nicky loves a bad boy. Haven’t we all been there?

The Bad Boys 

I am not too proud to admit that I dated a few. However, I am proud to announce that I was immediately disgusted by this Juan Pablo guy on the latest Bachelor show and spotted him as a flaming narcissist. I could NOT even watch it. My husband disagreed and stayed glued to each episode.  I acquiesced and joined him in watching the final rose ceremony. Luckily, my belief in my forensic abilities were further reinforced when Juan showed himself to be a first class jerk.

For those of you who haven’t been following the latest on “The Bachelor”, please note that this is a show where 20 women vie and preen for a bachelor’s hand in marriage. One by one they give it away, get dumped, and are eventually escorted out in a limo while they cry, hiccup and question to the camera what it was about themselves that was so objectionable. 

The Final Rose Ceremony

This guy Juan Pablo picked a girl and pulled out a wedding ring during the Final Rose Ceremony. Then he told her…wait for it…he told her that he… he liked her a lot. Now I will give him a few understanding points for not speaking English as his native language. Maybe he thought saying “like” was the same as saying “love”.  And maybe in his country  it is okay to seduce 20 girls into wanting to marry you and then tell them at the end that she is likable and cute. In the good old U S of A, that ain’t going to fly. If you like her, <param” target=”_blank”>you better put a ring on it.

Anyway, poor Nicky is in love and is missing all the signals that this guy is a jerk. Here are just a few of the warning signs:

  • His mother warned that he is cruel and makes her often cry.
  • His cousin warned that that things would get tough with him.
  • He brought his TV girlfriends to see his daughter and ex-wife at his daughter’s recital, not caring that a TV crew and meeting some random girlfriend might be disruptive for a 6 year old daughter’s recital.
  • He had sex with various women while dating Nicky.
  • He acts like he is God’s gift to women and told one girl that he “really enjoyed **&ing her” during a quiet moment.

Yuck. Wouldn’t you rather wear sweatpants and watch TV every Saturday night  by yourself for the rest of your life then spend time with this guy?

Got It Girl Takeaway: I know. What is Nicky thinking?!! She is giving it away. It happens all the time. And now I read she is pregnant. Good luck getting child support from this baby daddy. Sadly, she will probably go where many Give Away Girls go to recuperate, weeping on the phone to her mom and girlfriends, (I have been there, honey) wondering what the heck she was thinking… Then she will dust herself off, and start again. Hopefully, learning some big lessons on what a man with real character and heart is worth.

Take care,