This peaceful woman caught my eye this week. She graces the cover of Time where the big buzz is The Mindful Revolution — how the practice of being more present and using your senses has become the “in thing.”


I agree that mindfulness is important, more so now than ever. We’re all too darn busy to pay attention to our feelings and our hearts. We’re losing touch with our deepest selves.

Mindfulness develops in many ways. I’ve discovered a simple method that works really well for me. I sit in a chair in silence for a few minutes every day and I stare — that’s all.

Like many life lessons, I discovered the hard way that I needed more mindfulness.
Two or so years ago, I felt emotionally exhausted and worn out from the fight. I was seeing clients full time, writing a book, learning how to start a writing platform, raising two kids, and dealing with some crazy financial stuff brought on by a 2008 real estate quagmire.

Day to day, I rushed around, juggling one project after another, losing sleep over one challenge after another, pushing myself beyond reasonable, healthy limits. Then one day I just stopped … sat down in one of my favorite comfy chairs … and just stared. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt peace like I did that day. My eyes were opened.

It wasn’t long before I decided to cut ties with that life. I  took a leave from my practice and decided to focus on my writing. I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was time. I thought I’d get sick or something bad would happen if I didn’t make major changes. It wasn’t easy though. I felt horribly disloyal and sad to leave my clients. I miss them and think about them with much admiration and love in my heart. But, it seemed that life was calling me elsewhere. Today, I don’t know exactly where I’m headed but I’m trusting and feeling peace.

The Go-For-It Girl In Me
I was a gymnast growing up. My team members and my coaches used to be shocked at my daring. No matter how difficult the trick was, I would just go for it. They didn’t know how important it was for me to push through my fear — and those stunts really scared me. I had a ritual that helped. I would tell myself, “This is it.” Then I’d close my eyes, count to three, and take off. Without hesitation, I would leap backwards and feel so relieved when I didn’t break my neck.


There have been times in my life when I’ve lost the “Go-For-It” girl in me. With external circumstances bearing down, I unknowingly distanced myself from her. Today, she’s much more likely to be right there with me. She gives me a nudge when I’m in those mindful moments — sitting quietly in my comfy chair.

Time magazine picture from me.

Gymnast Picture from {Lina} via Compfight cc” target=”_blank”>Compfight.