The Lady Gaga concert in Chicago … we had a blast.

I went to the Lady Gaga concert recently in Chicago. Tons of fun! I had never been a big fan but I enjoyed her music. My friends got tickets and so I went. After the concert, I realized I really liked her.

The Concert
Glowing lights, wigs and smiling, happy people — it was a blast. We saw so many interesting people too: a guy in purple satin, tiny shorts and green fishnets … a huge man in a blonde 50’s housewife wig. We made up a contest to see who was the best decked out.

I like Lady Gaga. Here’s why …

  1. She’s bold and doesn’t give in to the XXX factor. She wears zany, interesting outfits. She isn’t really focused on the humping, bumping and grinding in that “see that I have sex and like it kind of way.” (Miley, are you listening?) I appreciate it when women entertainers can find other ways to get attention beside humping and grinding. I see it as empowering. Watch this video by Caroline Heldman entitled The Sexy Lie. It is data driven information about how this works and how it harms women.
  2. She looks normal. She’s not conventionally pretty, but she rocks her looks. When was the last time you saw a female star that has a too big nose, overly thick eyebrows and is not drop dead gorgeous? It rarely happens. We can’t all look like Olivia Wilde. (That is partly why I enjoy watching British TV shows like Broadchurch. Everyone is normal looking with a few extra pounds here and there. Wheew).
  3. She encourages people. There were several times during the concert where she stopped and told the crowd how beautiful we were. She said if you are struggling as an artist, don’t give up. Keep working and don’t get discouraged. “It will happen.I promise you!” Who doesn’t like encouragement?
  4. She focuses on artistic expression and creativity. How cool is that? Have you all read The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron? I have a friend who does workshops on writing, and she is so inspiring to so many people (Unblock Workshop).
  5. People respond to her. Everyone really responded to the “Born this Way” song. See bottom of blog to listen. There are positive words in there that anyone can find inspirational, regardless of sexual orientation or your challenges.  I believe we can learn from anyone. Part of what I do as a therapist is help people stop picking on themselves and learn to accept who they are. And besides, the Lady is fun.

Born This Way ~ Listen Here on Groove shark