Don't forget your helmet!

Don’t forget your helmet!

Do You Text And Drive?

I enjoyed the article “Do You Text At Stoplights?” by Rachel Stafford of “Hands Free Mama”  The article was posted in Mamapedia. So, do you?

Okay. Sometimes, I do. Although after reading the article I am trying (AGAIN!) to make a commitment  not to do it.  Life is too short. Why mess it up?

Bike Accident

The article made me think back to an incident that occurred in Lincoln Park, here in Chicago, a few years ago. I was jogging on Lincoln Avenue and I stopped when I came across an accident. Apparently, a woman in a black SUV had been driving through the alley and must have hit a biker as she moved her car onto the main street. She was outside the car when I showed up. She was crying and wailing.

The man who she had probably hit was lying on the ground next to his bike. He had a bike helmet on and he was very quiet. As he lay there , it took me a minute to figure out that he was alive.  There was no blood and no obvious wounds. A passerby was sitting on the side walk whispering to him as he lay there in a pile near his bike.

The woman was crying and grabbing her head and screaming, “Please God, please God, please let him be okay. I am so sorry…I am so sorry..!” She was moaning and saying, ” I didn’t mean to do it. I was just so busy, I wasn’t paying attention. It is all my fault. It is all my fault. I wasn’t paying attention.”

It was a terrible scene.  I didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless. After I found out that the ambulance had been called to the scene, I just said, “He was wearing a helmet. That is good, he is moving.” It was hard to know what to say.

The ambulance came and took the guy away and the police came to talk to the woman. I never found out what happened, but the biker seemed okay when he was getting into the ambulance.

Easy Does It.

Her words haunted me that day and they still do. We move so fast in our society. It seems that there is not enough time in the day. A famous 12 step program espouses the mantra “Easy Does It”. Everything works better when you hold this philosophy in tune with your decision making and actions. I try to remember that. I hope you will too.