4932378675_91d99a6608Which kind of Girl are you: a Got It Girl or Giveaway Girl?

Honestly, some days I am one, and other days I am the other.

We have talked a lot about Giveaway Girls. Goodness knows we hear enough in life about what we are doing wrong and how we can’t measure up. So let’s look at the ideal Got It Girl. I am sure you will see parts of yourself in her, on your really good days.

What is a Got It Girl?
Women in the Got It Girl category live and work in a healthy, balanced world. They are conscious and aware of the Giveaway Girl dynamic. They are aware of the social constructs and pressures that shape their behavior in detrimental ways.

A Got It Girl makes conscious choices to be connected to her soul and her life. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it while still maintaining the relationships she cares about. She is able to healthfully detach when others strain against her boundaries and needs.

While the Giveaway Girl self-sacrifices to the point of dissatisfaction in life or work or love (or maybe all three), the Got It Girl does sacrifice, but she does so with awareness and, most importantly, she gives for the right reasons. Got It Girls have done significant psychological work on their issues, and they strive every day to create balance.

If you can’t relate to Got It Girls some days or even most days, do not beat up on yourself.  Repeat: Do not beat up on yourself. The best you can do today is decide one, two or three actions to take that are healthier for you, and set your course toward better balance.

Take care,

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Pic by comp fight.